Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Jany 5th. - nice, bright day. passed a very poor night. whiskey compress on my throat, feel very little better & am beginning to get miserable about not being able to get about, this is now my 7th day confined to my room except for my journey here by motor car very good reports from my people.

Jany 6th. Wet day. engaged with office work.

Jany 7th. - fine bright day - Visited Div Infty School at MONTONVILLERE very pleased at what had been done, Good work in training Officers, N.C.Os & men going on. Conference with Infty Bgdrs in afternoon. Jan 8th. Showery rain & Sleet. Visited Div Art School & F. Art Bde in training at NAOURS - mens billet & condition of harness very unsatisfactory, inspected Sect of D.A.C. at WARGNIES. fairly satisfactory. All horses of this Artillery & Mules are in fair condition Inspected 59th Bn at VIGNACOURT, very pleased with conditions of Billets men & every thing I saw. XX Jany 9th. Showery, dull & cold. To FLESSELLES to inspected 14th Infy Bde. visited Troops at Work & billets of one Bn also. Rifle Range near FLESSELLES Ry Station to see musketry - In afternoon inspected Lines of S.A.A. Sect. 5th D.A.C. & Signal Coy. at VIGNACOURT. Jany !0th. fine & bright. Inspected 8th Infy Bde at RAINNEVILLE & COISY. Saw Troops at Work & inspected billets of 31st & 32nd Bn both Good esplly the latter. Bn Comd. Maj. DAVIES a fine man, also inspected reg. Transport of both these Bns, latter quite good - At - present at co-operations of R.F.S. Contract Patrol, with 8th Infy Bde at RAINNEVILLE, quite satisfactory. A similar operation at VIGNACOURT was unsuccessful as aeroplane failed to get in contact. Jany 11th. - Frosty, little snow & rain during day. Went to ST VAST to see co-operation between 56 Bn & Air Service - A plane failed to get in contact - Inspect transport lines [Page] 99