Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. II (14 January 1916 to 31 January 1917)

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Jany 18th. Snow & Sleet. (light fall) Snow still on ground - Left RIBEMONT for BERNAFY WOOD where I took over at 11 a.m. from 2n Div. In afternoon visited G.O.C. 8th Infy Bde at his H.Qs which I allowed him to move forward about 200X on a/c of being Shelled. Inspected Drying Rooms & Soup Kitchen right Bde. Sector. Jany 19th. fine frosty very cold. Inspected Whole of Artillery (Div 1.) in Gun Valley (C.R.A. B. Browne with me) except two Batts. men very cheerful & looking well. fairly comfortable in their Dug Outs Went to Switch trench O.P. Jany 20th. Fine & frosty. Gen De Lisle G.O.C. 29th Div on our right called re co operation with him in an operation about 26th inst. Gen Birdwood called. Conference with Gen Holmes (G.O.C. 4 Aust Div) re Combined Operation on our left. Jany. 21st. fine frosty. Snow still on ground. Visited 15 Infy Bde H.Qs. re propd Operation with 4th Div on our left. (G.S.O.1 with me). Inspected Soup Kitchens & Drying room on our left. Saw G.O.C. 4th Aust Div - propd if 1st Anzac agree that he should do Operation on our left we assist in Preparation & Art Supports, if reqd. He agreed. At conference with C.R.A. re allotment of Officers to Div Art & Army F. Art. Bdes under new Organization. 'X' Very busy. Work keeps me going constantly, from early morning to late at night. Unable to sleep well at night so cold until last night when I had hot water bag - We Shell the Bosch & he Shells us all night at intervals. Go on leave tomorrow - very busy clearing every thing up in readiness XX [Page] 101