Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Went to B camp & addressed Raiding party who entered SUNRAY trench on night of 14th. Feby, 7th. mild some little rain very foggy & thaw. Went to H.Qs 8th Infy Bde Saw Col Clarke & B.M. re. proposed attack on SUNRAY trench. then went on to H.Qs 14th: Infy Bde & saw Bgd Gen HOBKIRK. Feby 18th mild. foggy. Inspected with A.D.M.S. 8 & 14th F. Ambulances former at BELLEVUE. (Rest Station) latter at BWUIRE (Scabies) Feby 19th mild & misty In Office nearly all day, but closely inspected Div H.Q. Camp & gave orders for it to be thoroughly cleared up. My new Hut most comfortable & well built now ready for occupation. no newspapers now for 2 days. Feby 20th mild wet misty & wet Inspected 15th Field Amb. at BERNAFY WOOD. satisfactory. Feby 21st mild misty fine. To 15th Infy Bde in morning to 1st Anzac H.Qs at HENENCOURT in afternoon to see Gen White chiefly in connection with matters in relation to taking over part of 4th Div Sector. X Went into my new hut yesterday very comfortable indeed after what I have [Page] 6.