Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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occassional Sunshine & very clear toward afternoon. Inspected about half Batt. Wagon lines with C.R.A. Horses & mules in fair condition but Harness & equipment (on vehicles) generally unsatisfactory & good many shortages. I pointed out to C.R.A. that an immediate improvement must be made. at his request I postponed visiting other battery wagon lines for a few days. Went to lecture given by G.S.O.1 (at MONTABAUN Camp.) to 8th Bde. Finished lists for honors & awards to go to 1st Anzac tomorrow. March 9th. Dull day very cold. 'X' Very quiet this morning never remember it being so quiet here before. can scarcely hear a gun. March 10th. (Dull. little drizzle) Inspecting remainder of 8th Infy Bde Transport at BERNAFY WOOD Capt Thompson in charge. Harness again very unsatisfactory. I warned him Afterwards inspected S.A.A. Sect D.A.C. at QUARRY. MONTABAUN. fairly satisfactory. C/O Lieut Vaughan. Requested by B.G.G.S. by order of Army Corps Comdr. to take over a further section of "front" from our present left to N.1.A RED. CUT. & so release a Bde of the 2nd Div [Page] 12.