Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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soon after 6a.m broke through TILL Trench & advanced under some opposition At 10.p.m. we were through BAPAUME & had occupied our objective the BAPAUME - LE TRANSLOY Rd. later our Infantry patrols were were pushing out all along our front & along the BAPAUME FREMINCOURT RD. We had also occupied LE TRANSLOY & BAULENCOURT. At 12.30 Capt. McINTYRE comdg. sqdn of A.L.H. attached to this Div reported & was given his Orders to push out Officers patrols to FREMINCOURT & HAPLINCOURT In accordance with Corps orders air Div A GUARD composed of & sqdn A.L.H. 2 Bn 59 & 60 one Batty 14 A.F.A. 1/2 Coy Eng. under comd of Bgd. Gen ELLIOTT had been formed (12.30 p.m.) to be ready to march & cover a general advance. The 20th Div on our right have been very slow in coming into & up to 12 noon were not reported as in LE TRANSLOY. 2 p.m. just received message from General H.B. Walker. Congratulations from 1st Aust Div on fine performance. later - Everything tends to show the Bosche is in full retreat at least as far as the BEUGNY YTRES line. 'X' March,18th fine bright day. To BAPAUME - went by car & by the skilful driving of Nicolay my car was the first in BAPAUME since the storm cleared out. The whole Town is wrecked the Trees wantonly cut down the Streets blown up the Houses set on fire & defiled. (the Bosche is a beastly filthy low brute.) the Town had been prepared for a very stout [Page] 17