Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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out I have had Rain & Mud awful. gruesome sights riding X over to Beaulencourt. Mans leg on the Road March 27. Dull. generally little snow. cold Our A.G. Troops recaptured the FARM early this morning, & later regained our position at the Cross Roads. March 28 - Fine generally some light showers Moved D.H.Q from BERNAFY WOOD to N 11 Central (near BEAULENCOURT on BAPAUME LE TRANSLOY Rd.) arrived at 12 noon Camp very well situated very good hut prepared for me. the Q branch of D.H.Q will not move up for some days yet as accomodation is not ready. 2. p.m. B.G.G.S. came up to explain future programme of comds in accordance with Secret Orders already issued. 3. p.m. Went with G.S.O.1 to see Bgd. Gen Elliott. comng. 15th Infy Bde he informed me that in recapturing post on cross Rd. 1 M.G. 2 portable search lights & 1 T.M. & 1 wound prisoner had been taken. Called later to see Gen TIVEY & asked him for a report on C/Os disinclination to carry out Gen Eliotts wish to attack Boche trench 800 X E of LAGNICOURT. DOIGNIES Rd. March 29th Very rough night last night. very high winds cold & squalls of heavy rain. Gen Hobkirks Bde 14th relieved 15th last night as advanced Guard Gen Hobkirk took over command [Page] 23.