Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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at 8. a.m this morning. We have got settled in our new quarters at D.H.Q. The men [...] of the Div are all fairly well off. they have managed to get [preceeding word crossed out] make shelters from the debris of the ruined Villages & there is plenty of firewood. March 30th Rain showers cold. Brighter in afternoon. To FREMICOURT. saw G.O.C. 14th Bde. his patrols last night came under heavy M.G. & rifle fire from new trenches est'd in front of DOIGNIES & LOUVERVAL at 1.20. p.m. The C. in C. F.M. Sir Douglas HAIG 5th Army Comd Gen Sir HUGH GOUGH Army Corps Comd Lieut Gen Sir W. BIRDWOOD Maj. Gen. KIGILL G.H.Q. etc visited FREMICOURT. I explained to the C. in C. the operations we had been engaged in including the capture of BAPAUME. He expressed (as did the Army Comander) his high appreciation of the work we had done & said he was very pleased with the appearance of what he had seen of the Div. In afternoon visited G.O.C. 15th Bde at SUGAR FACTORY & O/C 3rd F. Art. (aux) Bde at same place. discovered his S.O.S. lines were laid out in rear of our trenches instead of in front. told his Adjut. & afterward the C.R.A. about it. [Page] 24