Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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that Presdt. WILSON has declared War on Germany, subject to confirmation by Congress, & proposes to give Allies unlimited credit & despatch 500,000 men to Europe. 'X'[?] Amended estimate our losses on 2nd Apl. taking LOUVERVAL & DOIGNIES 2 Officers 80 O.R. killed 14 Officers 259 O.R. wounded. Apl. 5th Fine bright spring day. Visited H.Qs 14th Infy Bde at FREMINCOURT & 1st Infy. Bde at DELSAUX Fm. Then went on through LEBUCQUERIE to BEAUMETZ. Both these Villages are practically destroyed & are deserted even by our own Troops on account of the bursts of shell fire to which they are frequently subjected Going through BEAUMETZ, I walked towards DOIGNIES & could see the BEETROOT FACTORY & LOUVERVAL in the distance. Gen BIRDWOOD & B.G.G.S. called about 2.30 p.m. I explained the situation to them. About 6.p.m. Bgd Gen LESLIE comd. 1st Bde called & later Bgd Gen BENNETT. I explained the situation to them & my ideas about operations against BOURSIES & HERMES. Apl. 6th - Beautiful bright morning but changed to gloomy & stormy weather in afternoon Gen WALKER G.O.C. 1st Aust Div. & his G.S.O.1 arrived. I explained situation to him & my proposals for attack on BOURSIES & HERMIES. I offered to do all I [Page] 28