Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Apl. 24. Bright clear but cold. Inspecting & ordering alterations & improvements in D.H.Q camp. In afternoon rode round area occupied by 14th & 15th Infy Bdes. At 6. p.m. saw at his request Lt. WRATHALL 60th Bn. (in presence of Bgd Gen ELLIOTT & A.A. & QM.G.) with regard to his complaint of being unfairly dealt with by his Bgdr & wishing to transfer. After investigation & hearing what L'. WRATHALL had to say told him I would not allow him to transfer that I did not think he had been unjustly treated & that he had better try & make good in his Bn or I should try & have him removed. Apl. 25th Anzac Day - Fine but gloomy. Holiday ordered as far as possible. The 14 & 15th & 8th Infy. Bdes held sports. I attended the 15th & 14th. Gen Birdwood also attended 15th which were remarkably well organized & run. In the evening we had an excellent Dinner. present - Self - Bgdr. Gen TIVEY. ELLIOTT. HOBKIRK. Colonels BRUCHE HEARNE Major McCONACHY Capt. LEVY Lt. MAOSS. French (Corps & Div) liaison Officers & Mervyn. We had the excellent 15th Infy Bde Band. [Page] 38