Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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from him at noon. 3.p.m. Instructed G.S.O.1 to order Bgdrs to wire properly their fronts at once & told C.E to assist also to arrange for M.G.s to be sited to enfilade with cross fire our front to arrange for bomb drops etc on our left flank. also finish S.P. there also to commence Decauville Ry immediately. At 3.50.p.m. Rang up G.O.C. 15th Infy. Bde. told him to see to wiring Bomb stops & S.P. left flank. he said he had plenty of bombs & Amm & was thoroughly patrolling his front at night. G.O.C. 7th Div. Maj Gen T. H. SHOUBRIDGE C.M.G. called with his G.S.O.1. L'. Col HOWARD & C.R.A. Bgdr. Gen. CLARKE & wished us to assist his attack for capturing the whole of BULLECOURT on the 12th inst. I promised to assist as much as possible by (a) 15th Infy. Bde. capturing X Roads N.E of BULLECOURT & endeavoring to establish a S.P. there to deny Road running N to Enemy. (b) by Artillery participating in barrage fire under which the 7th Div would attack. C.R.A. 7th Div to arrange with our C.R.A. Bgd. Gen Johnston. Quiet night but constant gunnery prevents much rest, to say nothing of the machine boring the well near our H.Qs. May 11th Beautiful warm spring day. Office work in morning. The Corps Commander called at 2.p.m & informed me the Div would be taken out of the line in about a week Orders issued to G.O.C. 15th Infy Bde to establish S.P. near X Roads N.E of BULLECOURT [Page] 45.