Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Went out to see Enemy bombardment of left of our front line which was heavy from about 6 p.m until 6.25 p.m. At 9 pm. Enemy put down very heavy barrage fire on 15 Infy Bde front & crept back to Railway Embankment at same time got word from 15th Infy Bde that Enemy was massing in U.22.a & b opposite our left & in answer to our S.O.S. both heavy & Field Artillery opened on S.O.S. & barrage line. heavy Art counter battery work. the situation cleared up about 10 p.m the enemys Infantry attack did not materialize. Our losses in 15th Infy Bde from Shell fire during day pretty severe. May 12th 'X' Fine day hot As planned the 7th Div & 2 Coys. of the 15th Infy. Bde. attacked at 3.45.a.m the whole supported by Anzac Artillery. The 7th Div succeeded in taking the whole of BULLECOURT & the 15th Infy. Bd in establishing a strong point near the cross Road N.E of BULLECOURT. The operation was a very successful one we had small losses & captured 173 prisoners including 2 Officers of the 9th Grenadiers 3 Guard Div. I saw then some of them were fine men but they are a mixed lot. about 25 of them were badly knocked about & were a sorry looking spectacle. We recd the Army Corps comndrs warm congratulations. Our 8th Infy Bde relieved 175 Infy Bde C.O. Gen JACKSON May 13th Some little rain early in morning - very hot & close day Went to see G.O.C. 8th Infy Bde with view of getting his Bde to undertake some small offensive operations to draw some attention of enemy [Page] 46