Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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the extreme right of our line (the Angle in HINDENBURG LINE) with cover of minnenwerfer fire & seized about 50 to 90 yards of trench held by the 54th Bn. His success was short lived the 54 charged into him all round & in half an hour had won every part of the trenches back. about 250 dead Boches of 3 different Bns most of them quite young fellows 19 & 20 remained in the trenches. The front held by the 173rd Bde was attacked in two places but both attacks beaten off. The Boche however forced his way into BULLECOURT & recoverd about a third of the Village from the 7th Div. It was a trying & anxious night or early morning for us all & I shall long remember it. Gen Birdwood called about 3. p.m I called on Gen TIVEY O/C. 8th Infy. Bde about noon re possible retirement by the Boche on OUEANT DRUCOURT LINE & re propd attack on Enemy detached post in front of QUEANT. May 16th Dull day. light rain in afternoon (bad observation) 'X' Yesterday was really a great day & there now appears to have been a thoroughly well organized attack on our Front & BULLECOURT by the Boche The result has been disastrous for him he has been ejected from BULLECOURT & his whole attack or series of attack & intense bombardment have ended in nothing for him but very heavy [Page] 48.