Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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has been in the line. He also gave me another days leave to visit Training Bn while in England. Handed over command of VAULX Sector to Maj GEN MATHIESON 20th Div at 10 am. with maps etc complete. Left VAULX at 10.30 am inspected a Batt wagon line of 14th A.F.A. Bde at FREMINCOURT & arrived at new Div H.Qs at or near BANCOURT about Interview with Bgd Gen Bessell Browne at 12.30 p.m Called on Gen TIVEY at his Bde HQs at BAPAUME - also on Gen ELLIOTT at his H.Qs. & inspected 57 - 58 & 60th Bns lines. Afterwards called on L'. Cols PURSER 29th DAVIES 30th (ont) TOLL 31st & CLARKE (out at BECOURT) visited ruins of BAPAUME CHURCH & FRENCH cemetery with German soldiers graves & monuments. 'X' May 27 beautiful day. Went over to Gen HOBKIRK at the Sugar Factory & also visited the whole of the Bn of the 14th Bde said a few words of thanks etc to the men in the lines & spoke to all the comdg Officers of Bns Rang up 20th Div & enquired if we could do anything for them Saw man of the 15th Bde & suspended his sentence of 3 years H.L & remitted the [Page] 54