Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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near LUMBRES where we are to send our Bdes. one at a time for training. it is a good area with fine tactical features but the crops are standing & although we may go through them one is loth to damage them & it rather hampers movement. The area is bounded on the S by the BOULOGNE Rd. we were within 15 or 16 miles of it BOULOGNE In Afternoon went for walk along CANAL NEUF FOSSE. Country very interesting. Our men very pleased with change. July 31st Cloudy day. some rain. Visited all Bde. HQs. Bn. HQs. of 54th 59th 60th & 53rd Bns Saw Gens. HOBKIRK &[ ] ELLIOTT they were all quite alright. I specially asked Gen ELLIOTT if everything was alright with him men every where seem very contented. visited many of their Billets great improvement on the places they came from generally speaking 'X' 6.p.m. News been coming in all day of our new attack up N- every where objects seem to have been gained. over 4000 prisoners taken. Augst 1st Very Wet day been raining all night With Army Corps Comdr visiting 3 Infy. Bde H.Qs. (did not see Gen Hobkirk) & all Infy. & 5th Pioneer Bn H.Qs. (except 57 & 58 Bns) [Page] 80