Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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'X' It appears the new Mustard Gas the Boche is using has done a good deal of damage, through our people not realizing its danger. many thousands of casualties have occurred & about 5% are fatal the Gas shells are fired from field Guns. Many Civilians have been caught with it including women & children. It inflames the eyelids badly, scalds the flesh if fragments of shell or [...] affected with the liquid [...] touch it is composed of Ether, Sulphur & Phospane - The box respirator is quite effective against it. Dudley called[...] this evening to see me. 'X' The result of our attacks yesterday has been about a 1500 X advance on a 9 mile front & the capture of nearly 4000 prisoners now apparently the rain is going to spoil us. Augst 2nd Still Wet (all day.) Saw 3 Bn of the 15th Bde. march past D.H.Qs. fairly satisfactory. Visited Q branch H.Qs. A.D.M.S. A.D.O.S. spoke about preparations against fire in Store & history Sheets of Guns to Conductor Anderson. (Rodd not in) Had long talk to L'. Col Francis O/C Div Training about improving Transport of Infy. Bdes. Saw Army Chemical Office re[ ] new Boche Gas. Went to a demonstration for Drill (Ceremonial etc) for Light trench mortars. also exhibition [Page] 81