Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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evening TAYLOR seemed rattled I think there is something funny about the business I dont quite regard it as genuine. Augst 8th Fine cloudy thunder storm about 6. p.m. To manouvre area near LUMBRES in morning with G.S.O.1 to see 55 & 56 Bns at work. not over-pleased with what I saw of the 55th show. At Dentists again in Afternoon Gen ELLIOTT L'. Col. CLARK & L'. Col SHEPHERD to mess. 'X' Augst 9th Fine early in day showery afterwards Left BLARINGHAM at 8.30.a.m for ROUEN via ABBEVILLE which we reached (by car) about noon. (Mervyn & Col BRUCHE accompanied me. We passed through some very pretty country after leaving ABBEVILLE lunched at NEUCHATEL & reached ROUEN about 3.p.m. Visited No 1 Gen Hospital met Matron Finlay & Sister Ashton. Went to Base Office 3rd Echelon L'. Col. GRIFFITHS inspected our records. Col. Griffith reports our Div is[...] cooperating with him very satisfactorily & all our records are up to date. ROUEN is a beautiful & quaint old city set in most charming country with its beautiful Cathedral & many other Buildings full of interest. Stayed at the Grand Hotel de la Poste. very comfortable Sister Ashton came to dinner (very unwell with heart trouble during night) [Page] 84