Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Sept. 12th fine day In morning to see 8th Bde at RACQUINGHAM in new Attack formation. satisfactory Gen McCAY came to lunch & consulted me re new formation for Artillery reserve training Bde at SALISBURY. Sept. 13th fine day. In morning from 9.15 to 2/30 pm. engaged with Attack Exercise by 15th Bde. about 2 miles from SERCUS. whole Bde engaged. satisfactory. Afterwards went to very good demonstration of drill & training by the 56th Bn. at EBLINGHAM. Col. Sir William McCORMACK A.M.C of Sydney & L'. Col. LEANE to mess. Sept. 14th fine day. In morning at Attack Exercise on RACQUINGHAM RIDGE. Gen BIRDWOOD present. very good show In afternoon lecture on Artillery by Bgd. Gen BENSON G.O.C R A 5th Corps. 'X; last night at 11/30 pm. I get orders to send 300 Officers & men for cable burying party for corps. party to march on "[...]" at 9/30 this morning. this, after my G.S.O.1 asking some days ago if men would be wanted & Corps Sig Officers saying emphatically "No" this on the verge of a fight. this is how one is encouraged - this will do more harm to this Bde in a hour than I can do good in a month. they must come from 8th Bde. [Page] 99. 99.