Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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one of our own M.G. bullets. Oct. 2nd. Fine day. visited 15th Bde. saw G.O.C. visited 8th Bde saw G.O.C. & C/Os of 31st 29th 52nd 30th Bns & got their stories of the Battle Saw L'. Col. MIDGELEY at my H.Qs. he told me he had been to his Bgdr. who had told him his work as a C.O had been very unsatisfactory. After talking matters over Midgeley told me he did not want to go back to the 14th Bde. he admitted his Bn had been to some extent undiscipd & unruly but he had not had good officers. Saw G.O.C. 14th Bde in Afternoon & C/Os of all Bns & got their story of the Battle. 'X' L'. Col Scott one of the best Bn Comdrs in the Div was killed yesterday while showing the C/O relieving him the lay of the ground to be taken over. G.S.O. II not well has been seedy since 26th inst. 'X' Casualties Our Casualties while in the line & in the Battle from 22nd to Oct. 2nd


Officers K W O. R. Killed W Officers O. R.

              29   104                             678      2614                  3             22

total 3649

fairly quiet night but Enemy planes over a some bombing. Oct. 3rd Rain during night but fine day visited 1st Anzac Corps. reported Maj King being evacuated sick. Also asked G.O.C about L'. Col. MIDGLEY [MIDGELEY] told to get him examined medically In an interview at 2.p.m. Midgely [Midgeley] in a long statement said the admistration of the 54th Bn was bad because he had bad officers & it was his adjutants fault. he didnt think he should be blamed. He said [Page] 111