Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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at one time he was holding the line 3000 X? (I didn't question it) with a Coy 180 strong when it went in the Coy officer let it dwindle down to 60 & he didn't know till he saw it march out - He was sure his health would not allow him to hang out more than a couple of months. He cordially thanked me for the consideration I had shown him.

In morning visited 59th Bn 60 Bn. 57 Bn. did not see C/O. of 60th he was not in. Oct. 4th Fine early in day but rain during early morning & also during afternoon & night. The II & V Armies attacked the Bosche again at our 1st & 2nd Divs & II Anzac taking part. The enemy was suprised he was also going to attack us & was caught by our barrage fire. he has suffered very heavy losses in killed 960 in front of 1st Div alone & lost over 5000 prisoners & some guns. all our objectives (the high ground of the BROODSEINDE was captured. All his counter attack we repulsed & he is badly demoralized. Our men must have had an awful night it was so wet & a very cold biting wind. Conferences with Infy. Bde & Bn Comdrs all Div Staff, C.R.E. Bde Majors on points during last weeks operation sent the outcome as notes to 1st Anzac Oct. 5th Fine cold day some rain Yesterdays victory seems to have been very complete our 3rd Div took 1000 prisoners or over. Enemys Artillery reply has not been nearly as bad as expected. [Page] 112