Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Oct. 8th Wet & cold during night but fine morning Came on to rain hard at 4/30 pm & continued to midnight. Went to H.Qs 14th & 15th Infy Bdes & saw G.Os.C also saw G.O.C. 8th Bde. at my H.Qs. All the Bde Groups are moving up today in readiness to relieve 1st Aust Div night 9/10th. Oct. 9th Rain stopped about midnight & strong drying wind followed 'X' The 5th Army & our 2nd Aust Div on which they are pivoting commenced another operation at 6.20 this morning. Objective PASSCHENDAELE Ridge. At reports all going very favorably. The Bosche must have had a very great suprise being attacked this morning after such an awful afternoon yesterday & night. Oct. 10th Very fine from midnight Came on to rain at 9.30 am Left SCOTTISH LINES camp at arrived at Div H.Qs. at LILLE GATE YPRES at 9.30 a.m & took over from G.O.C. 1st Aust Div at 9.50. am. Quarters in old ramparts are good but of course stuffy & inconvenient & cramped after what we have had I nearly knocked my head off against a beam. The situation in this Sector seems alright. 8th Bde relieved 3rd Bde without mishap & one of 8th Bde patrols captured 4 prisoners this morning. first blood to us. G.S.O.1 & G learner have gone ( up to to see 8th Bde. I am a bit blue this morning not feeling quite up to the mark didnt have a good night what [Page] 114