Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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to discuss lessons learnt during our tour of duty in the line. The [very?] grave news of the rout of the Italians with loss of 100000 men & 600 guns reached us today. Saw Bert Hurst this afternoon. Oct. 30th Rough windy day. Rain after noon very moonlight, Boche planes very active, very hard to get a night's rest with the 'din' of Archies M. Guns & bombs dropping to say nothing of the hum of the machines & the great possibility of a bomb falling into ones hut - & finish. Col. Peck G.S.O.1 left on leave 10 days to Paris this morning. 'X' Matted Capt. Hamilton, Capt. Rudd & Capt. Langley A.A.M.C. for joy riding in cars against my Orders to day - warned them it would be the last time it would occur - We attacked I mean II & V Armies at 5.40 a.m this morning no news yet to hand (9.45.a.m) visited G.O.C. 15 Infy. Bde. at his H.Qs. Gen Birdwood called at D.H.Qs. went to Tea at Corps (1st Anzac H.Qs.) & took Junior Officer of 15th Bde. to meet & explain to Maj. Gen. SIBERT Comdg. 1st Div. U.S. Army incidents of the battle of POLYGONE [POLYGON] WOOD. Oct. 31st - Fine day. Bright moon light night. last night & plenty of aeroplane bombing. Col. BRUCHE & Gen ELLIOTT left on 14 days leave this morning. Got Gen ELLIOTTS report on POLYGON WOOD battle today, which he had circulated throughout 15th Bde to the 8th Bde. & was to send to Australia before I had seen it. It was a severe criticism on D.H.Qs. & others who were connected with the operation rather than a narrative. I took it to 1st Anzac Gen Birdwood gave orders that all copies were to be withdrawn & destroyed & instructed me to get an explanation from Gen Elliott, who would have [Page] 124