Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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been ordered to come back from leave at once & give it personally only I pleaded for him. Had Tea at 1st Anzac H.Qs Maj KING with me. 9.30 p.m. bright moonlight & Boche very busy bomb dropping, night after night, is nerve trying rather. Nov. 1st Drizzle misty day Maj Gen. SIBERT Comdg. 1st U.S. Div came to me at 10/30. am & remained until 3.30 pm. (with his S.O. Maj. BABCOCK) for the purpose of collecting all the information he could. I told him all about the last 5 weeks operations, & promised maps etc Dined (G.S.O.2 with me) at 1st Anzac with Gen BIRDWOOD. Nov. 2nd Wet drizzly misty day. No areoplane Bombing attacks last night. Visited L'. Col STEWART Comdg tempy. 15th Infy Bde. L'. Col. MASON 59th Bn all going well in this Bde. Gen HOBKIRK called - "all right" in 14th Infy Bde. but I asked him to hurry up report on L'. Col STREET Comg. 54th Bn. Went to see our Concert party at REHENINGHELST. [RENINGHELST] good show. King (G.S.O 2) & STREET Bde Maj. 14th Bde. went to musketry demonstn at CAMION. Nov. 3 . Drizzly misty day. In morning visited 60 Bn H.Qs at RENINGHELST. 8th Bde H.Qs & 32nd Bn H.Qs at HALIFAX camp, then 57 & 58 Bns at DEVONSHIRE CAMP all well. In afternoon visited 14th Bde H.Qs at WIPPENHOEK area & Bn H.Qs of 53 & 55 Bns all well [Page] 125