Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Nov. 13th fine day. X X X Went CALAIS to see the British Factories for supplying the B. Army. Mervyn & Capt. RUDD our D.A.D.O.S went with me. I arrived about 10/30 a.m & was met by the C.O.O. Col. TRIMNEL, who was most attentive to me arranged for showing me over the whole place, & who gave me a most excellent lunch in a very nice little Cottage he lives in a mile or two out of CALAIS. L'. Col. DUDLEY O.O. showed me over the receiving & dispathing Goods Depts I then went to the textile Factory, where hundreds of french girls are employed. they do an immense amt of work & earn about 24/- per week piece work. Capt. JACKSON in charge is a wonder. Col. HALE A.D.O.S. II Army was at lunch with us. In the afternoon I visited the Machinery & Carpenters shops also the Boot repairing shops, where 30.000 prs are dealt with every week, & also the the Rifle & bayonet M.G. & Bicycle repairing shops. The whole undertaking is wonderful everything built up from nothing as it were, & is a triumph of Organization & saving in expense. The marvel is how such work can be done with such a medley of unfit men. (there are of course many fit but they are constantly being combed out except saddlers & specialist) English women (not over good) french very good can be employed almost at anything & are happy & cheery- Chinamen & others. I finished my inspection deeply impressed with all I had seen & with the splendid able men in charge, & the immense value of salvaged material very foggy coming back. arrived at BAILLIEUL about 10.p.m. (very seedy - bleeding from nose about 5/30 p.m. Col. BRUCHE retd from leave today. Nov. 14th Dull raw Gloomy day. Maj KING G.S.O.II went on leave today [Page] 129