Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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General RAWLINSON Comg. II Army late IV Army called to see me & learn of the arrangements I have made for the distribution of this Div in our new Sector. In afternoon I visited Bgd. H.Qs. 100th Bde 33rd Div at N MIDLAND FM. Saw Bgdr Gen BEARD & got all the information I could about the Sector Afterwards saw L'. Col. CLARKE at Bgdr. 8th Aust Infy. Bde who is taking over from 100th Bde. he appeared to be quite O. fay [au fait] with the situation I then went to 14th Aust. Infy Bde. H.Qs near WYSCHAETE. Gen HOBKIRK was not in but I saw A/B.M. Capt WISDOM he seemed quite alright. They drew first blood this morning by capturing 2 Boches. Maj KING G.S.O.II went on leave this morning. Nov. 15th Beautiful fine sunny morning left 9.30.a.m. for DRANOUTRE to take over from the 30th Div. Took over command of 30th Div front from Bgd. Gen White C.R.A. 30th Div on behalf of G.O.C. of that Div at 10.0.a.m. 'X' ULSTER Camp DRANOUTRE the D.H.Qs. which we have taken over is the most comfortable & well appointed camp of Hillments [?] I have seen in France, & must have cost many thousands of pounds it is the best take over we have ever had. In morning visited G.O.C. 14th Infy Bde at his H.Qs. near WYSCHAETE & then went with him to visit Bn H.Qs at GRAND BOIS, where I saw Col. STEWART Comdg. left Sector (only 1 Bn of 15th Bde relieved tonight) Called on O/C. 5th Pioneer Bn at SPY Fm on way back to D.H.Q In afternoon visited G.O.C. 33rd Division & thanked him for all he had done for us in the "take over" [Page] 130