Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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to inspect left sub sector of our Div Front. First went to 56th Bn H.Qs & picked up L'. Col. SIMPSON, then proceeded to DENYS WOOD, RAVINE WOOD and ROSE WOOD. The ground is very broken up & somewhat confused. this S.P commenced in ROSE WOOD. should be an excellent defensive post. First meeting of Central Committee Sports & Recreation at D.H.Q. I addressed the meeting. G.O.C. 37 Div called & asked me to allow Div Art to co operate in an Arty Gas bombardment he proposed to make on night of 22/23 during a German Relief opposite his front. I agreed. III Army commenced new Offensive at HAVRINGCOURT & south of it threatening CAMBRAI early this morning reported to be going very well. Nov. 21st Mild drizzly day fine in afternoon. bad visibility In morning to our Reinforcement Camp at CAESTRE, A.A. & G.M.G. with me. After inspection I had to tell the Camp Comd Major WHITE of the 32nd Bn I was very dissatisfied with what I had seen the whole Camp showed signs of looseness & neglect & certain to create bad impressions with new men. I also had to speak very severely to him for sending 180 O. & other ranks to 14th Infy Bde H.Qs. the night before last without giving them any notice. (this after he had been previously warned of the necessity of so doing) he had no excuse to offer. called in at Corps. to see Gen White about this & keeping C.R.E until 30th inst Gen White was out but I saw Col Dodds nothing of importance on our front. Nov. 22nd dull, mild day, bad visibility. Good news from HAVRINGCOURT push estimated 180 Officers & 8000 OR. captured to 4.45 yesterday. B.G.G.S. called (with L'. Col. Taylor A/c D.A.G.M.G. Corps.) I explained tactical distribution of troops on area & other S.Ps etc on map. [Page] 132