Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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In Afternoon visited (with C.R.E) new camp for one of the 8th Bde. Reserve Bns near their Bde H.Qs. Afterwards visited Bde H.Qs. saw L'. Col. CLARKE At. G.O.C. warned him to be vigilant. He stated everything was well with his Bde & Sector. Nov. 23rd fine day, very fair Visibility In morning visited H.Qs. 14th Bde. in re. to post No 11 scuppered by Bosche last evening N.C.O. & 2 men Captd 1 killed 1 got away. I afterwards went to 54th Bn H.Qs. & got full details. Post was captured by strong Boche patrol after a fight. cannot see that any one is to blame fault is posts too far out & not properly supported. 'X' I discovered accidentally also while at H.Qs. (14th Bde) from G.O.C. that a post held by 56th Bn was deserted by garrison of 1 Capt. & 6 men who abandoned their arms & came in saying they had been attacked. A strong patrol sent out to investigate found no sign of any attack. The men are now I understand to be C.M. but no report had been made by the Bgdr I spoke to him severely about not having done so. The Army Comdr (Gen RAWLINSON came to see me about 2/30 p.m. I explained to him how No 11 post was lost. he was satisfied about it- that it could not be helped no body in fact to blame. I appeared to be satisfied with my report on matters generally - but was loth to allow me to give up ground in order to draw in the isolated posts so liable to mopping up by the Boche. he however said if the Corps Comdr agreed he would raise no objection. He desired all the huts in this Camp protected as far as possible against aeroplane bombing (a very tall order) Had dinner with Gen MONASH G.O.C. 3rd Aust Div at his H.Qs. at STEENWERAKE. Nov. 24th - Fine day, fair visibility. Inspected a good deal of 53rd Bn area with G.O.C. 14th Infy Bde. Went as far as ANZAC Fm - 55th Bn Comd with us [Page] 133.