Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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from H.Qs. at same time. urged on A/. G.O.C. necessity of inspecting & getting on with S.Ps. & wiring of area. Went to L. Bn H.Qs. (A/ G.O.C with me) Saw L'. Col Purser, & asked him about his defence arrangements. appeared to be little or nothing in writing in connection with measures for defence of Bn Area. Col. Purser appeared to be unwell or muddled. he said he was alright but had had a bad cold & was recovering from Gas I told him he must "Wake up" & cautioned the Bgdr to keep a close eye on him. Proceeded to R. Bn. H.Qs. saw Lt. Col TOLL & asked him for an explanation of why the Bosche [sic] raid on his outpost line had not been reported until nearly 40 hours after it occurred he could not explain beyond stating that the Coy Comd Capt. SHARP was incompetent in the line. I told him to at once report this in writing & also his complaints in the same respect about Capt. FAINE returned to D.H.Qs. about 2.30 pm. much fatigued. Visited L'. Col DAVIES Comg 32nd Bn on way back & cautioned him on various points to be observed while he is in the line. 5.p.m. at Interview with C.R.E & O/C in 15 F. Coy. I emphasized the necessity of getting on with defence works & personal inspection X I also repeated impress this on the Infy. Bgdrs & Bn Comdrs but the difficulty is visiting the work by daylight. Nov. 29th Very quiet night, fine day good visibility Bgd. Gen BONAR CARTER called & stayed to lunch. In Afternoon I went to G.O.C. 14th Bde. to find out from him the cause of delay in reporting attack his post night before, & to discuss [Page] 136.