Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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the K.C.B. an honor I had never expected or dared to hope for. I had a cable from Gen Christian congratulating me about Dec. 24th but I did not know on what I thought possibly I might get a K.C.M.G. but not K.C.B. Gen Griffiths was the first to tell me when I went to see the Senior Chaplain Reay at A.I.F. H.Qs on morning of Dec. 31st my Wife discovered it when a letter from Keith Murdoch congratulating me arrived at our Flat on the evening of Dec 31st She too was quite unprepared for this honor as I had never intimated such an event to her. I shall never forget the pleasure of my little & big Girls. I have received nearly 100 Letters & Cables & Wires of congratulation from my friends & including Generals Plumer, Gough, Birdwood, Walker, Monash, Smythe, the High Commissier for Aust. & many others William Sandover & Sir Newton Moore have been awfully good me & mine & entertained us on the occassion - the former at Luncheon at the Picadilly Hotel & afterwards to the Colliseum. I was invested by H. M. The King (& my Boy too who was to our infinite delight given the M.C) on Wednesday Jany 9th at Buckingham Palace. My Brother Fred too in the 10th Bn Welch Regt. has been given the M.C. so it was a good week for the Hobbs family. The weather has been quite good for the leave taking it all round. My Wife has a dear little flat. I shall never forget arriving there [Page] 145.