Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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finished my pile of accumlated papers during my leave & the scores of answers to congratulations on my K.C.B. & in congratulating others on their honors. Jany 15th Wet wild day. The snow has all disappeared but it is a wretched day. visited (A.A. & G.M.G. with me) all Bn H.Qs. of the 14th Infy. Bde & also Bde H.Qs. did not see L'. Col Wood but other comdg. officer except 56th Bn. I saw & questioned a good many men of the various Bns & things generally appeared satisfactory. Jany. 16th Wet day, not cold. To Bde H.Qs 8th & 15th Bdes. to see Cols. Davies & Mason with their Bgdrs about Corps Comdr proposal that one of them should succeed Heritage as Commandant at Corps School - saw a good many men on the way all seemed cheery & free from complaint. In afternoon went to HQs 5th Pioneer Bn & saw a good many of the men the Adjutant assured me everything was O.K with the Bn & the men seemed cheery & had practically no complaints. Jany 17th very Wet raw day. In morning accompanied by Major Greenaway A/- C.R.E inspected 15th 14th & 8th F. Coys. A.Es. in their quarters & Billets satisfactory & little or no complaints from men. 8th F. Coy. recd orders today to proceed to Corps Area. In Afternoon I attended 15th Bde sports at DEUDEAUVILLE & presented Bde challenge cup to winning Bde the 57th [Page] 149.