Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Corps Commder everything was well arranged (the 8th Bde. had final with A.F.A. (Div Art) after presentation Gen B. threw in the ball) I stayed to the finish of the Pioneer sports the day ended fine & pleasant. Lt. Col. Toll comdg. 31st Bn evacuated sick mental trouble today Jany 22nd Wet early then intervals fine weather wet night. With Corps Comdr. to inspect & present medals & ribbons to 14th Bde. at LE TURNE then to the Divisional Artillery at LONGVILLERS in the afternoon to the 15th Bde at PARENTY & in the evening to Entertainment at RECQUES by the Div Concert Company (The KUCKABURRUS) at which about 500 from the Div Art attended. Jany. 23rd Dull showery day. With Corps Commander to inspect & present medals to 14th & 15th F. Coys A.Es. at SAMER then to DESVRES to see 8th Infy. Bde march past in full marching order, a very fine show. The Corps Comdr left about midday the whole programme for him went through without a hitch & I think he was well satisfied. To PARENTY to see 15th Infy. Bde march past in full marching order. with exception of minor points inspections satisfactory. 'X' Mervyn left England today for India via Southampton - I realize now what & whom I have lost - he has been a devoted son to me Jany 24th beautiful spring like day. To LE TURNE to inspect 14 Bde & 14th F. Amb pass in column of route all very well turned out worst Bn was 56th Bgd. Gen HOBKIRK who returned yesterday was present. [Page] 151