Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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O/C Bn questioned him on points (see my Note Book) concerning his responsibilities in holding line. visited A.D.S at WYSCHAETE, got back to D.H.Qs at 3 p.m. posted letter No 1 to Wife morning post. Feby. 4th Fine mild springlike day. Posted No 2 letter Wife. Chaplain Rev. E. Makeham called. Had Capts. LEEDMAN & HANSEN A.R.M.C before me in connection with very uncouth & ungentlemany letters they had written to The Countess of Harrowby & the host & hostess - Mr. & Mrs. Summers during their stay on leave in Ireland. They both acknowledged their misconduct which I told them was disgraceful, & which they said they deeply regretted. I told them I should expect a full & ample apology to the Countess Harrowby & Mr. & Mrs. Summers which they agreed to send - A.D.M.S. & A.A. & Q.M.G present at interview. Inspected Ordinance Store (ours) at DRANOUTRE, & had long talk with O.O on various matters of supply to units. Feby. 5th Fine mild day, good visibility. In morning visited H.Qs 8th Inf Bde at N. MIDLAND Fm then went with G.O.C & B.M. to Bn H.Qs 32nd Saw 2nd in Comd Maj TRATMAN, then on to Bn H.Qs 30th Bn saw 2nd in command Maj STREET, asked them questions of importance with regard to their command (as per my Inspection Book) which they answered satisfactorily 'X' In Afternoon saw Maj BRAZENOR re. questions raised by Auditor A.I.F re larger sums of money paid into his A/C than he was receiving. He gave a satisfactory answer that it was money recd from his men for trust - this to be confirmed in writing. Saw L'. Col. MASON - 59th Bn re. his appt. to Corps School & Lieut GILL re camaflougaging [sic] works. Spoke to 2 Officers of 39th Bn this morning for walking about in the open against orders in Right Sub Sector. X in writing. [Page] 156