Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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on left of our front, & attempted raid post on our left Bn front. repulsed leaving 1 wounded O.R. in our hands. unfortunately L. Gun jammed after firing one burst. Boche also attacked Bn on our left of 1st Div who were relieving 4th Div pushed in the covering party & captured Coy. Comder. Enemy left 1 unwounded & 3 wounded O.R. prisoners in the hands of 1st Div Bn Our casualties from Enemy barrage fire appear to be about 4 killed & 10 wounded. March 2nd Bitterly cold, high wind some snow, fair vis. The raids by the Boche last night seem to have extended along the whole Corps line & to our left, but the Boche seems to have suffered pretty badly although 6 O.R from the 1st Div are missing. (no Officer he was captured but a Coy Comdr was killed. Visited 8th Bde. H.Qs with G.O.C inspected 29th Bn quarters at RAMILLIES & 31st Bn at ROSIGNOL [ROSSIGNOL] CAMPS. also saw the Raiding platoons of the 29th Bn Afterwards went to 14th Bde. H.Qs at REGENT DUG Out In Afternoon sat for portrait painter Mr QUINN sent over by C. W. Government. March 3rd Much milder bad vis To Church parade. 31st Bn at KEMMEL Afterwards inspected Bn at ROSIGNOL [ROSSIGNOL] Camp - no complaints. Sat again in morning for portrait. Gen BIRDWOOD came to lunch & brought Mr. MURDOCH Aust rep. on Times & Mr. GILMORE. Sat in Afternoon again for Mr. QUINN the Artist. Our liaison Officer Prof. M. MAUSS (of SORBONNE PARIS.) ordered to leave us for G.H.Q. I am sorry he has been of good service to the Div & has been a most excellent Comrade. [Page] 165.