Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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We raided the Bosche [Boche] trenches with small parties (in order to assist a big raid by 3rd Aust Div on our right who were raiding WARNETON.) the raids were made with Art bombardment. (2 min prep. fire.) No 1 raid found enemy trenches deserted. 2 raid captured 2 prisoners. 3rd raid 2 prisoners & M.G. we also put up a Chinese raid on our extreme left. our casualties 1 O.R. wounded. 3rd Div. captured 1 Off. 10 O.Rs. & killed 50 with light casualties to themselves. March 4th Mild morning, bad vis. MAUSS went away this morning To 15th Infy. Bde H.Qs saw G.O.C. He went to see raiding parties 57 & 58th Bns then went to 14th Infy Bde. H.Qs saw G.O.C. & Lieut COLLEIS who led 55th Bn raiding party. he had a remarkable story to tell of the raid in addition to capturing prisoner & M. Gun it appears they killed 18 Boches the whole party only consisted of COLLEIS & 20 O.Rs. Saw Philip GIBBS of the Daily "Mail" at 15th Bde H.Qs. Then went to 55th Bn H.Qs saw part of the Raiding team & thanked them. QUINN the Artist went with me. I sat for him all the afternoon March 5th Bright spring like day very fair vis. Sat for portrait for QUINN all the morning. Post of the 57 Bn raided by Bosche but beaten off last night our casualties 2 killed & 5 wounded. The body of one Bosche was discoverd opposite the post attacked but it is thought the enemy must have sustained severe casualties. March 6th beautiful bright spring day. With G.O.C. 8th (Reserve) Bde to inspect S.Ps in a 2nd zone - (Corps line) some [Page] 166.