Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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taken by the Boche with enormous losses & he has so far failed to extend his success to the flanks. he attacked the 5th Army front with 13 & III Army fronts with 10 Divs. The veil of mystery & suprise that he has endeavoured to shroud his attack has now been dissipated our moral should increase his decrease as the result of yesterdays fighting. Gen. WHITE called here & discussed with me further the distribution of troops (future) in this Sector & our counter preparation arrangements. March 22nd Fine very foggy early. 'X' The enemy has been shelling our back areas especially this Divisions now for nearly a week at short intervals night & day, causing some loss & a good deal of discomfort. he is using H.V long range guns & nearly all our casualties this last few days have been from this cause. A Mr. Truman the Y.M.C.A. Rep with our D.A.C was killed this morning by a shell the irony of it - To 8th & 14th Infy. Bde H.Qs with C.R.A to see G.Os.C. about the forthcoming raids. all arrangements appear satisfactory. Bgdr. Gen WAGSTAFF called. Bger. Gen HOBKIRK comdg. 14th Bde leaves us tomorrow to take command of the 120th Bde. & is replaced by L'. Col STEWART 57th Bn Gen HOBKIRK (who came to dinner to night) is a fine character & is a great loss to us. I am very sorry he is going. March 23rd Beautiful fine spring morning, indiff. vis. Gen. Sir Herbert Plumer IInd Army Comdr. called I explained situation on the map & all about the Division to him & the C.R.A. & Infy. Bgdrs were introduced to him. He expressed his satisfaction with all that had been explained to him. [Page] 172