Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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March 26th Beautiful clear Spring morning The late news from the battle south last night was I think encouraging. After 5 days our line is still unbroken notwithstanding the terrific sacrifices made by the Boche. The brunt of the Battle has been borne by our magnificent British Infany. the french & our own Divisions are now hurrying up, & the Boche will have to look out. our finest Troops or many of them have not yet been engaged. A quiet night here. Relief by the 1st & 2nd Aust Divs of our 8th & 14th Inf. Bdes completed without incident. 'X' The long range H.V. Gun caught our Infany & Art. exercising horses on the Road yesterday (twice) we had several men killed & about 20 wounded just as we were moving out. Handed over command at 10. a.m to G.Os.C. 1st & 2nd Div. 10/30.a.m. Gen Birdwood came to see me & discussed various matters in connection with the Division the situation & the move to the South. In Afternoon visited G.O.C. first Div at SCHERPENBERG (his H.Qs) & then visited Bde (our) at (14th) Renninghelst, 8th at GOTESWAELDE, 15th at METERIN. No further news form south late to night. Gens Birdwood & White rang me up & wished me & us good luck March 27 Dull cold gloomy day. Left DANOUTRE at 8.30.a.m for the south & battle - what will happen I wonder what shall we be doing a week or a month hence. Called at X Corps H.Qs. for instructions (at HAUTECLOQUE) saw Gen MORLAND & B.G.G.S. Bgd Gen CAMERON but they were unable to give us any information of much use. [Page] 174.