Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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March 29th Showery, good vis. During night recd orders for 15th Bde to concentrate at HEDAUVILLE & VARENNES & the whole Division which now comes under III Army to be ready to move at one hour notice. Later recd further orders from X Corps. to be ready to move at 3 hours notice. Bgd. Gen CAMERON B.G.G.S. X Corps. called but was not able to give me much information Bdes & other units now settling down At 6.45. p.m. (I was at HEDAUVILLE where 15th Bde had been ordered visiting G.O.C. 15th Infy Bde) received orders to send 15th Infy Bde with F. Amb. & Train to CORBIE where they come under orders of G.O.C. 3rd Aust Div. & VII Corps. (pretty sickening looks as if the Div. was going to be split up) Gen situation not much altered except Enemy has made some progress south & CORBIE is threatend (sic) the Boche is apparently checked for the present. (C.R.A. & B.M. arrived) Things are becoming more settled although evidence still of demoralization on the part of some Infantry Bns falling back & labor? Bns but stragglers being collected. Some very strange stories floating round. March 30th Fine fair vis. Wet all day after 9. a.m A quiet night, some shelling back areas with H.V. guns (some not far from here) recd orders during night to be ready to move at an hours notice. also that we are to vacate some villages in our area to allow 37th Div to come in) All Boche attacks during the day appear to have been beaten off with severe losses to him. we have taken prisoners & M.Gs. the situation is rapidly becoming more reassuring. Gen MORLANDS the X Corps Commander

1 Also visited O/C 14th Bde at LOUVERCOURT & I visited troops at ACHEAUX. 177.