Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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to get at the Boche. Saw Col STEWART at his H.Qs. reported all well, except that 2 of our men broke into a chateau at ACHEAUX (sic- Acheux) & looted wine & threatened area commandant, who unfortunately let them go. Saw L'. Col. McCONACHY at ACHEAUX (sic) & went round 54th Bn. with him Also visited Area Commandant & apologized for mens (sic) misconduct. he said with exception of case reported by L'. Col STEWART their conduct had been good but there had been a good deal of trouble with other troops. I offered to give him any assistance he reqd I satisfied myself that proper precautions are being taken by O/C 54 Bn to ensure good order. Got news that 4 Aust Bde. killed 100 Boches & captured 73. April 2nd Dull gloomy day early fair vis. afterward beautiful day. Very quiet night. Gen Morland comdg. X Corps. came to see me with regard more especially to alleged looting by our men. I explained result of my investigation yesterday at ACHEAUX (sic) & also that I had only just heard of the complaint against men of the 60th Bn at VARENNES which I was thoroughly investigating I told him I had issued the most strict orders with regard to discipline & good order I had previously seen Gen Legge Corps A.Q.M.G with regard to the matter. Rode over to LEALVILLERS & visited men of 14th & 25 M.G. Coys. & Div Salvage Coy. One Officer of our Pioneers shot another accidently today while explaining its working. Very quiet day no enemy machines over & little Gun fire heard. 179