Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Apl. 3rd Dull gloomy morning wet during night, fine generally, little drizzle end of day. A quiet night. news of one or two quite good little enterprizes by Aust. N.Z. & 32nd Div troops killing & capturing Boches In morning visited H.Qs of 14th Bde also Bn H.Qs. & men in billets etc. of 31st 32nd 55th & 56th Bns at LOUVERCOURT and Bn H.Qs. & men in Billets of the 53rd Bn at HARPONVILLE & ACHEUX. saw all Bn comders except 32 Bn & 54th Bn all satisfactory. Apl. 4th Wet morning, bad vis, contd to rain all day & all night. A quiet night. Visited 5th Pioneer Bn M.J.M. Batteries & medical details at ARQUEVES found things quite satisfactory. At 4 an order to move immediatly (sic) 1 Infy. Bde. (8th) to buss at 7. p.m. for DAOURS 14th Infy. Bde. to buss at 5.30 am in the morning, 5th also to DAOURS. Artillery to move to BONNAY at once & await orders from 5th Aust. Div. I am to report to 19th Corps. St FUSCHIEN. this I did & was shown the line at present held (so I was told by the Corps Commndr. Gen WATTS. I was also shown the line from which the British troops & has fallen back from & told if I could to retake it. (12000 X3 of front) I was also told to report to Gen HARMER Comg. 3rd Cavalry Div. from whom I was given to understand I was to take over. I was also told to establish my Div H.Qs. at BLAGNY TRONVILLE. I understood in the morning (tomorrow) I was also given a copy of a IV Army Order that was different from what I had seen, but was told this had been sent to us. On my return I rang up B.G.G.S. 19th Corps. & told him the message referred to had not been sent & that it varied considerably from the Xth Corps Order we had recd one thing being that 14th Bde were ordered by Army Order to march tonight whereas the X Corps order stated they were to buss at 5.30 a.m. morning 5th inst. This latter order the B.G.G.S confirmed. He also 180.