Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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instructed me at once to proceed to BLAGNY TRONVILLE & to establish DIV. H.Qs there At 10. p.m. I left VAUCHELLES by Car with G.S.O.1 & A.D.C. it was pitch dark & pouring with rain the Roads in an awful mess & we were compelled by the traffic controls to put out our lights. After much difficulty we discovered H.Qs. 3rd Cav. Div. at BLAGNY. they knew nothig about us & the place was full of troops. I rang up 19th Corps. & they could give me no information. I spent a pretty miserable night but my people found me shelter. There has been severe fighting to day for the AMIENS PARIS Railway & the position is obscure & very serious between CORBIE & HANGARD. the tired & worn out British troops can no longer stand the awful shelling but the Cavalry (3 Div) are standing splendidly. My 15th Infy. Bde. is also engaged on the left of the line & doing well. Apl. 5th Drizzly, dull morning drizzle nearly all day Wet mud & misery everywhere the place. BLAGNY TRONVILLE teeming with troops of all sorts of formations. the discipline of some is not of the best order either, & Gen ROSENTHAL told me this morning it was a good thing that the Boche has destroyed BRETTONEAUX to hide the looting of the place by British Soldiers. This morning I am informed that the 8th Bde. is to be taken away from me I have already lost the 15th Bde. the orders & counter orders I have had this last week are almost maddening It appears the losses in the fighting yesterday by the Bosche (sic) were appalling the 5th Aust. Bde. alone claim 4500 to 5000 & still he comes on. The french below HANGARD were heavily engaged & gave a good deal of ground but in places inflicted heavy losses on the Boche. 4. p.m. After being unable all day to get any satisfaction I am now informed I am to relieve the 3rd Cav 181