Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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the writing table. It is pitiful to see the deserted Villages, partly shelled & often looted. War is an awful visitation The General situation continues satisfactory. We made a few prisoners during the night, & the 5th Aust Bde on our left attacked from VILLERS BRETTONEAUX & made 140 prisoners. III Bgd. Gen FULLER B.G.G.S. Corps called this afternoon & also Maj. PRIESTMAN from IV Army to see if they could help us. later Gen WHITE of our Corps called. We are still under III Corps. but I have now got 8th Infy Bde back have a complete sector & have to prepare a scheme for advancing the line. At 7. p.m. got message from 18th Bde stating that they were in BOUZENCOURT & asking if they were to stay there. With approval of III Corps. I assented & told them to put the place in a state of defence. Our men found 2 W. British soldiers 1 dead one a wounded frenchman & some women also large stores of Engineer tools & ammunition there. Apl. 8th Cold rain wet day. Quiet night, very heavy fog this morning. wanted to make a reconaissance with view of preparing attack on our front, but fog too dense. prepared schemes (3) for proposed operation as a diversion to the big attack on the Boche further south. Gen BIRDWOOD called about 1.30 p.m I submitted Schemes above referred to to him I recommend the Red (B) scheme. Gen approves of the ideas generally will submit to Army IV & let me know. At 3. p.m. Left for a conference at FOUILLEY 15th Bde H.Qs. to explain situation & probable operation in which the Division may be engaged 183.