Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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In afternoon reconoitred (sic) for a suitable site for Div H.Qs Dug Out in case of front being pushed back or present H.Qs being heavily shelled. April 14th Some rain during night, dull cold, indiff vis. Fairly quiet night. our Artillery fired bursts & may have caught enemy relief that took place opposite our front. captured 2 prisoners. IV Army Comdr Gen. RAWLINSON called to enquire as to the condition of the Division the distribution & defensive works, etc. X In Afternoon severely censured Lieut FRASER 5th Pioneer Bn for accidentley (sic) causing the death of L'. PALMER through handling a Lewis Gun with llive ammunition at Coy H.Qs at ARQUES. To 8th 14th & 15th Bde H.Qs matters seem satisfactory except the Gen ELLIOTT comg. 15th Bde laid up with attack of bronchitis. Apl. 15th Dull, but very fair vis. Quiet night- 3 prisoners captured by 14th Bde. Gen WHITE B.G.G.S. Aust Corps came over to see me, more especially with regard to propd Div boundaries, especially in the event of a further retirement. In afternoon made reconnaissance with reference to protection of low lying ground N of the SOMME at AUBIGNY & also ground in our front as seen from high ground N.W of LA NEOVILLE. C.R.A. & G.S.O.1 accompanied me. G.S.O.1 arranged with G.S.O.1 3rd Aust Div for mutual action in protection of low ground above referred to. Apl. 16th Dull, misty. Quiet night. 14th Bde. secured identification from shooting a Boche whose body they secured. Made reconnaissance of the ground on the N bank of the SOMME from VECQUEMONT to CAMON thence to LES ALENCONS on the ALBERT AMIENS Rd for the purpose of siting fire trenches etc 186.