Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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in the event of a retirement from our present positions to the N bank of the SOMME - G.S.O.1 C.R.A. C.R.E accompanied me. Met 3 member of French Parliament at D.H.Q one grandson of JULES FERRY & under Secy of State for foreign affaris other two members of french war committee. learnt from B.G.G.S. Aust Corps that the 8th Brit. Div will relieve us on a portion of our front about 20/21 inst. & I then take over about 1500 X on the N bank of the SOMME from the 3rd Aust Div. April 17. Dull mild fair vis To 8th 14th & 15th Bdes. saw all G.Os.C. with regard to proposed alteration in our front & area & on affairs generally. In afternoon reconnaissance of back area & inspecting D.H.Q H.Qs. "Dug Out" accomodation in course of preparation. X About 180 casualties from Boche Gas bombardment on VILLERS BRETONNEUX last night, chiefly among the 54th Bn O/C of the Bn Maj LUCAS & L'. Col. CHEESMAN of 53rd both affected bombardment very severe. Apl. 18th Dull cold day inclined to drizzle, poor vis. Quiet night. Boche has resumed Gas bombardment of VILLERS BRETONNEUX again this morning. it is quite evident he is working up for another attack. X The Boche Gas bombardment turned out the most serious thing in that way we have had altogether we have had about 500 casualties including 2 Bn commanders. Selected sites for entrenching 2 Bns on Hill side near AUBIGNY for 60th & 59th Bns. Gen White B.G.G.S. Aust Corps. called in ref to the alteration & defence of 187