Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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the Div Sector. In Afternoon Bgdr. Gen FULLER B.G.G.S. III Corps called & after him Maj Gen MONTGOMMERY (sic) M.G.G.S. IV Army. I explained about our Gas casualties & distribution of troops & defence of Sector to them. Apl. 19th Cold clear (bitterly cold winds) day. Quiet night except being bright moon. Light Boche planes came over or bombed DAOURS. Visited Bde H.Qs. 8th 14th & 15th Infy Bdes. enquired into Gas casualties 14th Bde only man apparently to blame may be proven to be Capt. Vinehall Coy Comd D Coy 54th Bn who might have moved his men from the infected ground. Saw Corps. Comdr at D.H.Qs. on my return & asked him to help us to get clean underclothing for the men In afternoon visited 5th Aust. pioneer Bn camp dug in on Hill side E of BUSSY. III Corps Comdr called & wished me to tell all ranks how pleased he was with our Division while it had been under his command. Apl. 20th Beautiful bright clear day, frost during night. The Boche planes very active during bright moonlight last night. Made an Inspection of Reserve lines from the SOMME west of AUBIGNY to the right flank on boundary of our Div near VILLERS BRETONNEAUX Rd. Afterwards visited camps of the 60 & 59th Bns being dug in on the hill side in the valley of the SOMME near VACQUEMONT. Part of the 14th Bde. relieved by the 8th Div to night without incident. Colonel VIVIAN Intelligence 4th Army called this Afternoon. April 21st - Beautiful bright frosty morning. Quiet night. We passed from III Corps to Australian Corps at 9. am. this morning. 188