Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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To CORBIE to see G.Os.C. 8th & 14th Bdes. first about defence & distribution of troops in new area taken over from 3rd Aust. Div by 8th Bde. to to get thorough reconnaissance made. Saw Col. STEWART re. proposal to transfer L'. Col. MARSHALL from 60th to 53rd Bn & consented. X Cavalry Captain Baron RICHTHOFEN the famous Boche Aviator credited with 79 air victories was brought down by a Lewis Gunner of the 53rd Batt A.I.F. (ours) this morning in J.19.b. (N of CORBIE) The man who killed him had formerly been the Batt.Corpsor a batman. X It is pitiful to see the ruin in these beautiful Homes & Churches in these SOMME Villages. the Boche has just commenced to do in CORBIE several heavy shells into the church. AMIENS is like a city of the dead. it is impossible to restrain many of our soldiers from looting & all the Houses are turned upside down by some one at all events in search of loot. The French are now driving off the cattle & compulsorily evacuating the inhabitants from most of the Village near the front line. (within 4 miles) In Afternoon Maj Gen. BUDWORTH M.G.R.A. IV Army called & expressed his satisfaction with Bgd. Gen BROWNE our C.R.A. Visited G.O.C. 15th Infy Bde at BLANGY. April 22nd Fine day, fair vis. Had quiet night except for bombing by Boche machines from 10 to 2 a.m. during day C.E.& G.O.C.R.A. Aust Corps came to see me, also B.G.G.S. Aust Corps & Gen. RAWLINSON comg. 4th Army & Major MILES from G.H.Q. Took over portion of front held by 3rd Aust. Div N of SOMME last night. I am now responsible for the actual valley of the SOMME & all the BRIDGES from BOUZENCOURT to GLISY. 189.