Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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prevent the Boche pouring into BRETONNEAU after dusk. the scheme was fixed & time fixed at 10. p.m. The scheme was to pinch out BRETONNEUX by a covering? cornering? attack of 13th & 15th Aust Bdes from S. & N respectively. After all the worry & trouble of practically arranging & planning the operation MAJ. GEN HENNIKER Comg. 8th Brit Div (who had lost the place) was placed in supreme command of the Operation. All the same I practically directed our share by Gen ELLIOTT. the Operation at night was a most dangerous & risky one, but came off we captured the place almost re established the front line resulting in the capture of about 500 Boches & a good deal of War material & over 40 M. Guns. 2 Bns of the 8th Div assisted in mopping up & the 54th Bde assisted on the right in establishing in large measure the line east of CACHY. The strain from 3. a.m. on the 24 until 8. a.m 25/4/18 has been a severe one but the success has been most gratifying & I have been congratulated by the Aust & III Corps Comdr. my splendid Div has again done well under most difficult & trying conditions. A night operation at short notice with a side step & accomplished with very few casualties. April 25th Fine day, vis mod. The muster of prisoners in front of my Chateau is a fine way of celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the Landing at ANZAC. Its been quite thrilling this morning to watch them coming in & feeding them very different treatment to what our men receive. 12 of them were killed on the way in of one batch by an enemy shell. 191