Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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& many wounded. prisoners are being collected singly & in twos & threes BRETONNEAUX is being mopped up but Boche are still in southern outskirts. Several small attacks have been replulsed (sic) by our Art fire during the day. Gen BIRDWOOD called also several Officers from G.H.Q. & ARMY 4th also HAMILTON, FYFE & PHILLIP GIBBS. I explained the work done by us to them with permission of G.H.Q Officers with them I also told them of our just claim to having brought down BARON RICHTHOFEN. Our front has now been extended to O.36 cent. S.E of BRETONNEUX. No less than three Boche Counter Attacks have been repulsed by Artillery fire during this afternoon. prisoners been passing through here all day. I fed them all much to their suprise (sic) & gave afternoon tea to two Boche Officers who also seemed much suprised (sic) at our courtsey (sic) one was a very decent sort of fellow X quite talkative of said his General had told him the Aust. Troops were the best on the Western front. Had a chance of undressing & turning in at a decent hour tonight. Apl. 26. Fine day, moderate vis. Very anxious day. A good deal of uncertainty in connection with the line & 8th Division on our right in front of VILLERS BRETONNEUX A great many people to see me including Gen MONASH, WHITE, HOLMAN, A.G.M.G 4th Army & McLAGAN called in connection with relief of the portion of the line now held by 15th Infy Bde. by 4th Aust Div. Our attacks (French & British) south of here & N at KEMELL (sic) unsuccessful outlook anything but rosy. Apl. 27th Fine, good vis. Quiet night except on front of 15th Bde who straightened out their line. After heavy fighting which caused us about 100 casulties (sic) but resulted 192.