Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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present. Bgd. Gen. BRUOKER depy. C.E & Maj. SATOW G.S.O.II M. Guns both sent by G.H.Q. Colonel CHARTERIS M.G.S. Officer 4th Army O/C 5th Bn Aust. Div The test was most satisfactory in every way. 1500 rds fired as hard as the gun could be fired. no gas generated in Casemate & less noise than firing in the open. May 13th Wet all day. Vis poor indifferent. To G.H.Q. abut Casemate. Met at 11/30 a.m. Bgd Gen LUCAS in charge M.G. Section G.H.Q. the two Officers present at the test yesterday Gen BROOKER & Maj SATON & a Maj. from the general staff. After certain explanations & discussions & the reading of a Gen BROOKERS report recommending that 100 of the Casemates should be made at once & tried. I left my place etc & understood the invention was accepted as satisfactory. I returned to D.H.Qs at 4. p.m later 10. pm. I tel. to B.G.G.S. Aust Corps result of my visit to G.H.Q. & obtained the consent of the G.O.C. Corps to write to Mr. Churchill. (Quiet night last night) May 14th Fine but cold, fair vis. Quiet night on our front - but have just heard (8.15 a.m) that the Boche is in possession of a portion of 2nd Div front 17th Bn on our left but is being dealt with. (Enemy ejected & 48 & a large number killed. I fear that we also have lost prisoners.) Visited 14th & 8th Infy. Bdes. saw both G.Os.C. most of the staff of 8th Bde H.Qs. suffering more or less from enemys gas shelling yesterday. X Wrote to Mr. Winston Churchill re Invention In Afternoon visited 15th Aust. Infy Bde - saw G.O.C. all satisfactory. May 15th Beautiful day, good vis. Lot of gas shelling & aeroplane bombing during night. very noisy & little sleep. 200