Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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Cock chafers. The 5th Div met & inflicted defeat & heavy losses on the Boche Kaisers celebrated "Cock chafers." at Bullecourt May 1917. The powers & responsibilities of a Div Comd not only killing the enemy but of ordering our men to work that means death & maiming to many. March 17 1918 Our sick returns the last 3 mos have been consistently low this I am sure is the result of our persistent efforts in Sanitation, food storing? & dry boots etc to say nothing of shelter. our returns from week ending March 9th are 46 the next best Aust Div. 3rd out of the line- 69. we have been in the line since Feby 1st Our dripping returns this last month were best in the Army- over 39.000 lbs. I have I consider saved no end of trouble & thousands of pounds expenses in connection with the clumping of Aust Boots & the introduction of Shoemakers shops properly going in units. the Clumping of soles in the face of good deal of opposition. Gen Birdwood informs me that my proposals for soldiers graves memorials were recd by Home Committies copies forwarded to Aust. March 1918 Schools I have instituted Scout & Sanitary Schools, both of which are doing excellent work in the Division. Self inflicted wounds - this very unfortunate business still occurs. March 1918. A.I.F. Asleep in France. May 5th 1918 (on the SOMME.) Aust. chapl. ?. Digger. what did you do in the great War? I was the Saviour of AMIENS.