Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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the line until we came out on 28th Oct. The sick wastage from same period practically viz.? 18.9.17 to 28/10/17 was Officers 29 O.R. 1481 but this includes 346 gassed shell struck bruises & contusions N.Y.D.N includes a good many many venereals men returning from England on leave. During the same period there have been about 45 case (sic) of desertion or A.W.L. practically the same thing. SHELLED DUG OUT YPRES (Nov. 1917) The day following the one I left dug out at LILLE GATE a H.V. shell got the entrance & killed 8 men & wounded several others Story of Mason who refused to leave YPRES on account of the number of chimneys there would be in repair after the bombardment also his daughters the millilner & dressmaker who were the only ones left in YPRES & would get all the trade. Gassing Civilians The Bosche (sic) gassed over 700 Civilians when he tried his mustard gas on ARMIENTIERES in 1917. About 300 were fatal cases mostly women & children. The Glory ? of War - Nov. 1917 A drizzly November day The funeral of the gallant men I saw at C.C.S. at REMYS SIDING - The bodies sewn up in an old blanket covered with stained & battered union jacks, wheeled by Tommies on spider wheel stretchers along the muddy Road is the long ever ready trench prepared for their burial. no friends to follow the last of men who had made the Great Sacrifice.