Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs personal diaries, Vol. III. (3 February 1917 to 9 May 1918)

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but those who see it. It would be more bearable if they could hit back. Working Parties (YPRES 15/10/17) How wonderful how gallant are the working parties making tracks burying cables etc who carry on their work through these awful bombardments seeing other comrades killed & wounded continually. War Months of intolerable boredom punctuated by moments of intense terror Pill boxes as refuges near one of our Bn H.Qs in Sector now being held by 15th Bde. opposite KIEBERG to a pill box full of German & our own dead, frightfully mixed up & mutilated. Evidently a party of prisoners on 26/9/17 with their escort had sought shelter from the Bosche (sic) barrage fire - A shell struck the entrance (to the Bosche (sic) front) & wiped out the whole party 17/10/17.

Casualties - Div Casualties

from 19/10/17 to 8/10/17 -

                                                                                        K        W       M
                                                                           Officer  31       98        2
                                                                      O.R. men  650   2782    195
                   total    Off. 131    O.R.  3627

from 9/10/17 to 28/10/17 K W Missing

                                                                           Officer   13       41        1
                                                                               O.R   293    1130     22
                   total of Officers 55    O.R. 1445

Grand total of 186 Officers & 5072 OR from the time we went into the line middle of Sept. battle of POLYGON WOOD & then held